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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

by COD Game, 34 days ago


Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Multiplayer


The Multiplayer is the main attraction of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 for PC , PS4 and Xbox One , although it is not the only aspect of this title of first person shootings of Activision and Treyarch . This small guide of tips , tricks and strategies has the purpose that you perfectly understand all the details of the systems of creation of personalized classes, and the multiplayer game modes of Black Ops 4 and thus you can unlock all the achievements and trophiesof this aspect of the game. Let's go there:


Create a class


The Create a Class system allows us to edit one or several custom class slots in which we can combine any ten elements between main weapons, secondary weapons, accessories for weapons, devices, equipment, advantages and jokers. Obviously, there are certain logical limitations such as not being able to couple two sights to the same weapon.


It is essential to play Black Ops 4 efficiently. The ideal is that we create several customized classes focused on specific roles that we can change in the middle of a game taking into account the changing circumstances of it. We should go playing and try to find out which weapons are better for us , since each one has different attributes in terms of rate of fire, damage per bullet, or size of the magazine, for example.


Call of Duty points streaks: Black Ops 4


The Rachas Points are small enhancers that can be used in the middle of a game if we got enough points to reach them in a single life. We can have equipped 3 at a time . They offer us advantages of information, like the classic UAV that allows us to know where the enemies are, or fire superiority advantages such as requesting an attack helicopter managed by the AI.


If we use a customized class equipped with the SEGCOM Device , the streak of points will be worth between 100 and 200 points less (depending on the streak of points), so that we can request them more quickly. In this way, we can create a customized class focused on, for example, making use and abuse of several minor points such as the RC-XD, the Dart and the UAV.


The Call of Duty Points Racks: Black Ops 4 are the following:


RC-XD (450 points): Remote control car loaded with explosives.

Dart (500 points): Pilot an anti-person drone. Drones the drone remotely, or making it impact.

UAV (550 points): Shows enemy positions through the fog of war.

Help pack (600 points): You get a random streak of points by an airdrop.

UAV response (650 points): Interferes the enemy's minimap.

Hellstorm (850 points): Control a Hellstorm missile with manually activated cluster bombs that track targets.

Lightning Attack (900 points): Launches a lightning attack directed on three positions.

Sentinel (950 points): Deploy a lethal automatic turret that targets enemy players, vehicles and equipment.

Swarm of drones (1000 points): Request a squadron of autonomous drones equipped with machine gun turrets.

Mantis (1050 points): Quadruped combat robot with heavy armor. It can be controlled remotely.

Helicopter with shooter (1100 points): Request the support of 2 helicopter snipers.

Attack Helicopter (1200 points): Request a support helicopter.

Thresher (1250 points): Machine gunning piloted by AI that launches rockets and fires a heavy machine gun.

Assault team (1350 points): Two elite soldiers jump from a helicopter and clear an area.

Artillery plane (1600 points): Be an artilleryman in a nearby air support aircraft.


Call of Duty Multiplayer Game Modes: Black Ops 4


Below we list all the ways of Call of Duty Multiplayer: Black Ops 4, where, in addition, we include small general advice for each of them. Also keep in mind that all modes can be played in their standard variant, or in its extreme variant . In Extremo, the HUD and the health of the players are very limited, so you have to be much more careful.




What it consists of: You take turns attacking and defending the objectives.


General advice: Whether we are attackers or defenders, the capture points are hot areas. They come therefore very well to clear the explosives. Keep in mind that the reappearances are limited, so do not go too crazy. Go calmly. And try to kill more than to die; many rounds are resolved precisely by elimination rather than capture.




What it consists of: Take the money and take it to the extraction zone. Win the round the first team to extract the money or eliminate all enemies. Earn money during the game to acquire weapons, advantages and other items at the beginning of each round.


General advice: As it already happens in Counter-Strike, take into account in what you are going to spend the money. In the first round it is not usually worth buying a new gun. Know that there is ammunition and first aid kits for the scenarios; make good use of them. Do not buy like crazy and save as much as possible, more if you take a round of advantage. Devices such as the sensor dart or the searcher are really useful in this game mode, taking into account that there are no reappearances.


Against everyone


What it consists of: Lone wolf. Be the first to reach the points limit to win.


General advice: It is a very chaotic game mode in which we have to kill every enemy we see. Therefore, it is advisable to use personalized classes focused on mobility, with weapons with high firing rate as submachine guns. Do not bother getting stitches like the help package: the safest thing is that they kill you and steal it. Instead, use low-cost gusts such as the RC-XD, the Dart and the UAV.


Low confirmed


What it consists of: Collect enemy identification badges to provide points to your team.


General Tips: Forget camping in one area; here the team wins to pick up more badges left by the enemies when they die. Therefore, it is a frantic game mode in which the ideal is to use personalized classes with good mobility and with light weapons such as submachine guns or assault rifles.


Search and destroy


What it consists of: Defend and destroy the objective. No reappearances.


General Tips: Search and destroy is one of the great classics of Call of Duty. Communication is essential here, as well as the devices and streaks of points that cheat us the position of the enemy. Recon is a very good character in this mode both attacking and defending, since his sensor dart can turn the round and even the game.




What it consists of: You have to control 3 zones on the map. Your team will receive points each time they take control of an area. The more areas you control, the more points you get.


General advice: Each team is scoring every few seconds depending on the number of flags it controls. To win, basically enough that we control two of the three, and the difference of points between both teams will become greater over time. Point B is usually in the center of the map, and controlling it is crucial for victory. It is usually in an open place and therefore it is difficult to take and easy to defend. Keep in mind that players always reappear near the points their team controls, so it's easy to "predict" where enemies can come from.




What it consists of: Take the hot spot.


General advice: The hot spot is an area to take from the map that changes over time. Being inside of it makes our team score, although if there is an enemy player inside at the same time, the area will remain in dispute, and neither team will continue scoring until one of the two dies, and so the area is claimed for one of the two teams. Given the nature of this mode, the explosives and the streaks of points like the Hellstorm missile make real havoc if we put them well.


Team duel


What it consists of: Classic team duel on all maps. Work as a team to eliminate enemies and reach the point limit.

General advice: Kill more than the times you die. Use personalized classes that suit you, and always keep in mind the type of map you are on. In some there will be more long-distance clashes, and in others, the opposite. This is precisely why we have to keep an eye on the weapons we use. Try to support your teammates: it will always be better if you catch most of the enemies in shootings in order to liquidate them easily.

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FPS (First-person Shooter) - Overwatch, CS: GO

by COD Game, 34 days ago

Of course, there are definitely FPS games, especially Overwatch, which is considered one of the most popular E-sport games in the country and abroad. People who have played FPS games may be wondering why this game is difficult to play or to shoot. But we have a software called private Fortnite cheats which makes your gaming skill more efficient. Today we will talk about basic techniques for FPS games offline.


1. Understand the game before.

First of all, the FPS game is divided into many different slots, including Overwatch, which will have a fast enemy movement. CS: GO is a game that focuses on gun skills and planning. Come to see the game Call Of Duty, this is almost no kicking. So if anyone who thinks that I want to be a god in FPS games then I must understand the game itself. And adapt to the most game before.


2. Understand the goals of the game.

Each game will be different. Some games may only require one point, or another may need to be bombed or eliminated. Some games may have to kill the most to win. If the game requires us to just grab a point. Let us kill so much. I did not get into the game with the bomb. If you run, kill the enemy without getting bombed. The team left us 5 but the enemy is 1 if he recovered the bomb, we were lost. So if you want this game. The aim of the game is set.


3. Follow the meta of the game to keep up.

Of course, each FPS games may have characters or guns to choose. But inside the gun or the character there are only a few guns that will suit the game. This is a question that comes to the gun. How to see it is simple. If the game is a good balance, it may be that the Proplayer which is the most popular guns to use. And we will gradually use the gun as our main gun, although that will give us a little advantage. Little things will become a great victory.


4. Find your own style.

Of course, the gun in the FPS is a different type of shooting, whether it is a sniper / rifle / light machine guns, which each gun is suitable for playing in different styles. So we may have to spend some time in finding our own style of play. Then focus fully. Continuous development will continue to improve your gameplay is very good indeed.


5. The picture does not have to be pretty obvious.

Of course, the time we want to play the game online, then the picture is not needed anymore. Because some effects clear or the scenery may make us not to see the enemy clear. Sometimes it may make our play more difficult. In addition to it, it will also make FPS we fall apart, so the picture is better kept offline. If we are online, we will not have time to eat them.

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